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What is the Kenrokuen Cultural Zone?

The Kenrokuen Cultural Zone refers to the lush green area in a 1km radius around Kenrokuen garden which houses a variety of cultural sites with histories that stretch from the era of the Shogunate to the modern day, as well as a number of forested parks.

In this area—the historical center of government, education, and culture in Kanazawa, which houses such historical sites as Kanazawa castle and Kenrokuen garden—you can experience traditional samurai culture passed down since the Edo period. You can also enjoy the nostalgic feel of the more modern buildings from the Meiji and Taisho eras, such as the Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of History and the Fourth High School Memorial Museum of Cultural Exchange, Ishikawa.

Various initiatives have been undertaken to make the Kenrokuen Cultural Zone a bustling center of cultural exchange, such as the restoration of Kanazawa Castle Park, the renovation of the Prefectural Museum of Art, Museum of History, and Conservation of Cultural Properties Studio, and the creation of footpaths that allow visitors to walk from each cultural institution with ease.

Furthermore, various events, including exhibitions held at various cultural institutions and the Kenrokuen Cultural Zone Museum Week (an event held in cooperation between the museums in the area) are held in order to promote the area’s unique charm and energy, and to encourage its use as a space for cultural and interpersonal exchange.

Kenrokuen Area Cultural Zone Art Galleries and Museums Map

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石川県立美術館 石川県立美術館広坂別館 石川県立歴史博物館 加賀本多博物館 石川県立能楽堂 石川四高記念文化交流館 石川県立伝統産業工芸館 兼六園 石川県政記念しいのき迎賓館 金沢21世紀美術館 金沢能楽美術館 金沢ふるさと偉人館 中村記念美術館 鈴木大拙館 金沢くらしの博物館 前田土佐守家資料館 玉泉院丸庭園 加賀友禅会館 尾山神社 長町武家屋敷 金沢城公園